TikTok Ads
Success Cases
  • TikTok Ads has become a reliable traffic provider for us, ranking 4th among the rest.
  • The creative format is a short video immersive format appearing in user’s feed. The cost of ad placement is comparable to Facebook. Knowing in advance the specifics of this site and its target audience, you can prepare work more effectively and achieve great results.
  • TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity. The platform provides you with an incremental audience of 18–35 year olds around the globe.
  • We made these success cases to share our experience with you.
Doorman Story, UK, iOS
Purchase Optimisation
Doorman Story is a casual time management game where user builds business into a large hotel chain. AdQuantum started acquiring traffic for Doorman Story on TikTok (In Feed Ads) in May 2019.

There were no clear goals for reducing CPI on TikTok, as well as for the ratio of traffic to other placements — this regulated the auction on each of the placements. At the same time, AdQuantum tested install optimisation vs purchase optimisation. The second type of optimisation turned out to be more profitable in terms of LTV + 52%.
1Increase the amount of paying users
2Increase the ROI
Purchase opt. vs Install opt.
Doorman Story, UK, iOS
Increasing Creatives` LTV
Over the course of a month, AdQuantum created and tested creatives for various hypotheses on the basis of consultation with TikTok creative managers, selected the most effective creatives with gameplay and removed them as they "burned out".

The full rotation took 1–2 weeks. At the same time, TikTok's algorithms were finding a game-relevant audience that not only played, but also made in-app purchases, which had a positive impact on the predicted and final LTV.
Creative’s LTV
1Maximize creatives` LTV
2Increase ROAS
Fitness club simulator game, US, Android
Adaptive Creatives
AdQuantum started acquiring traffic for this fitness club simulator game via TikTok in August 2020. We tried to compare adaptive creatives vs broad creatives. With adaptive creatives’ production we took into account the the specifics of TikTok advertising:
  • Native view of the creative showing people that naturally fits user’s feed;
  • Active intense music;
  • Rapid shots change;
  • Engaging viewers with Characters from the game interacting with real people;
  • TikTok unique Safe zones;
  • Leveraging the power of TikTok hashtag challenges.
Adaptive creatives vs Broad creatives
1Maximize creatives' LTV
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