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Engaged & Paying user delivery for mobile apps

Engaged & Paying user delivery for mobile apps

User acquisition based on unit economics

User acquisition based on unit economics

Creatives & Marketing production (static banners, 2D, 3D, 360˚ videos, playable ads)

Creatives & Marketing production (static banners, 2D, 3D, 360˚ videos, playable ads)

Dynamic multivariate testing of Creatives & Marketing assets

Dynamic multivariate testing of Creatives & Marketing assets

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Clients & Cases

By experts of the industry

Grow the audience and revenue of your mobile application with AdQuantum. Many startups and leaders of the industry have been trusting us with paying user acquisition and delivering a comfortable and remarkable experience for their end users for over 3 years.

Our recent case studies

AdQuantum has been a key partner to over 30 of clients so far, below are examples of just some of our recent cases:

AdQuantum increases trial accounts for Language Learning app by 9 times

AdQuantum increases Revenue by 5 times for an
e-commerce store

AdQuantum increases paying users for game Hustle Castle by 7.5 times

Age of Magic has been receiving 15000$ of daily revenue from the traffic acquired by AdQuantum

What clients say about us



We are all in the same boat

Our preferred methods of collaboration (Rev Share & Profit Share) are designed to bring our partners high volumes of paying users with high retention rates, and ultimately more REVENUE. We ONLY get revenue when our partners get revenue.

New & varied traffic sources

We are experienced in driving top quality traffic from 17 sources WorldWide and are constantly discovering and testing new ones.

Free efficient creatives

Our marketing asset design teams produce up to 300 new creatives(banners, 2D & 3D videos, playable ads) each week for each campaign (all free, as part of our collaboration). This allows for extensive and thorough A/B testing, targeting and optimisation.

Easy Exit

In an unlikely case of our faulty performance, our partner is able to terminate our contract with just 48 hours notice.


Often even the most successful in-house UA teams are not able to reach absolutely all profitable GEOs and audiences. Our constant search for new hypotheses and targeting approaches can reveal new niches which in-house teams haven’t squeezed to their fullest potential.

Fast scale-up

Whichever UA approach works for you, we can scale as much and as quickly as you need. We have spent up to $5m USD per month for some of our partners and have practically unlimited credit-lines on various traffic sources (FB, Google, etc.)

Our Team



Who we are

AdQuantum acquires paying users to mobile apps. We work by CPI, CPA, Revenue-share and safe LTV Profit-share models of cooperation. Safe LTV Profit-share means that we cover all the marketing spend (including all creative marketing asset production) and our clients simply pay us a share of the profit we generate for them.

We have an expert team of 25 media buyers and more than 85 designers with extensive experience acquiring top quality traffic in a variety of fields (gaming, e-commerce, fitness-wellness, finance, travel, etc).

Last year we managed over $100 million of ad spend (from our pockets) with positive ROI. We recently generated $6.6 million in additional monthly revenue from a monthly investment of just $2.2 million for just one of our clients.


If you are a designer that is willing to work with us please review our terms & conditions here.

Let's have fun and make BIG money! 

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