Doorman Story
2,500,000 installs
over 6 months resulting in CPI<LTV
During the 6 months of collaboration, AdQuantum generated 2,500,000 installs for Doorman Story: hotel tycoon resulting in CPI<LTV.
AdQuantum took care of our marketing activities leaving us plenty of time to refine the product. Within 8 months of collaboration AdQ acquired over 2,5M users across 8 traffic sources with positive ROAS. Their design team have produced 1100+ ad creatives that were showing deep understanding of the game mechanics. Quick and profound account management helped us to make the right moves to reach the most valuable audience.
— Ivan Orlov, CEO Red Machine Group
Purchases per month
Doorman Story is your chance to test your management skills and build a hotel empire. Go all the way from a small roadside motel, where travelers stay overnight, to a luxury hyper hotel where even stars dream of spending their vacation.

If you are enjoying hotel simulator games, Doorman Story Resort Simulation is a perfect choice. Let your inner hotel manager shine! Manage your staff, respond to customer requests and have time to fulfill their whims to pass the levels. Make their stay in this idle hotel special by all means.
Target specific geographic locations
Increase the number of new users
Increase the number of paying users
Produce hundreds of different creatives
AdQuantum started driving traffic for Doorman Story with a profit share model in July 2020. First tests were run to discover the initial performance benchmarks and define the best performing creative approaches.
1. We tested dozens of different approaches, and produced 1100+ new creatives.
2. After determining our best performing creative approaches, we started optimising and driving large volumes of traffic in our target locations.
3. Any change in the game was tested on the traffic acquired by AdQuantum.
4. This experience allowed us to set up targeting more efficiently.
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