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Grow the audience and revenue of your mobile application with AdQuantum. Many startups and industry leaders have continued to trust us with paying-users & revenue acquisition whilst delivering a convenient, effective and non-time-consuming experience for our clients/partners.
Revenue x 5
For Joom, AQ's traffic boosted revenue x5 with a Revenue Share model
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Revenue $15k/day
From September 2018 to January 2019, Age of Magic was generating $15,000 of revenue a day from traffic acquired by AdQuantum
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Paying users x 7.5
Since launching with AdQuantum the game Hustle Castle has significantly increased the number of paying users by 7.5 on traffic acquired by AQ
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$3,000,000 in Net Revenue
AdQuantum generated $3,000,000 in net revenue for Idle Evil Clicker game during the first 6 months of collaboration.
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Trial subscriptions x 9
Since launching with AdQuantum the language-learning app Easy Ten has boosted the number of trial subscriptions over 9x
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100k trial subscriptions
During the first 5 months of collaboration, AdQuantum generated 100,000 of trial subscriptions for BetterMe fitness apps. AQ acquires over 50% of all partner traffic. Additionally, excluding in-house media-buying, AQ is responsible for 85% of all Facebook traffic.
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JOOM started to work with AdQuantum on a CPI basis. After getting familiar with our product AdQuantum offered us to work on a CPO model. That involves less risk for us and helped to increase our revenue by almost 5 times. Now we have switched to a LTV-based model and keep growing our revenue every month. They are driving a significant amount of traffic from Facebook, Adwords and DBM and have a leading position at the top of our traffic providers. This is why we have chosen them as one of the first companies for trial launches in new markets.

Yuri Ivanov
Co-Founder at Joom

Our partnership with AdQuantum started in early 2019 and they quickly established as our #1 user acquisition partner. Out of 100+ agencies and Facebook partners we’ve tested in our journey, AdQuantum outperformed all of them by providing a unique level of commitment and focus on results on par with our in-house team. Their professionalism embraces the culture of mutual transparency and trust which helps them amass an in-depth understanding of our products and identify scaling opportunities.

Rustam Kurbanov
CMO at BetterMe

Verv (form. RedRockApps) and AdQuantum have been partners since March 2017. We admire the partner’s ability to meet our goals, work independently and take a minimum amount of our time. AdQuantum shows a high level of responsibility and absolute readiness to solve any problems.

Maryia Kapshul
Agencies Manager at Verv

AdQuantum has really proven to be exceptionally proficient in driving large volumes of high-quality traffic and paying users with a high retention rate to our apps. They have demonstrated strong and efficient capabilities in the fields of UA and marketing assets design. We consider that cooperation with AdQuantum is effective and fruitful.

Yana Morozova
Media Buying Director at Group

Our company has been collaborating with AdQuantum for a few months, we really enjoy the sky-high traffic quality they provide us. AdQuantum has a good team of high-level professionals, who can launch any campaign in the shortest terms with immense volumes. Just in a couple of months AdQuantum became our top partner. I can definitely say that AdQuantum is a partner who you can rely on. They really care about your business and do all their best to help your business grow. Thank you friends!

Ekaterina Ionova
Global External Vendors Manager at Binomo

IQ OPTION has been working with AdQuantum for almost a year and currently, AdQuantum is one of our top traffic providers. We’re using an LTV model based on user deposits and it works really well as we earn more money then we spend on marketing. We are seeing significant month to month growth in user deposits and we highly recommended AdQuantum.

Artem Pachko
Head of Traffic Acquisition at IQ Option

We've been working with AdQuantum for more than a year. During this time AQ became our key partner efficiency of the agency is always determined by the professionalism and individual approach to each case.

Dmitry Zaryuta
Founder & CEO at Easy Ten

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