Revenue x5
For Joom, AQ's traffic boosted revenue x5 with a Revenue Share model
JOOM began to work with AdQuantum on a CPI basis. After getting familiar with our product AdQuantum offered us to work on a CPO model. That involves less risk for us and helped to increase our revenue by almost 5 times. Now we have shifted to an LTV-based model and keep
growing our revenue every month. They are driving a significant amount of traffic from Facebook and DBM and have a leading position in the top of our traffic providers, This is why we have chosen them as one of the first companies for trial launches in new markets”.
— Yuri Ivanov, Co-Founder at Joom
worldwide users in 2018
purchases per day
Joom is an online marketplace for products from around the world, where you will find everything you need (and even more!) at very low prices.

One of the fastest-growing international eCommerce platforms in the world. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as Machine Learning and Computer Vision, to give users the ultimate shopping experience.

Joom was launched in 2016, just a year later they reached 50 million users across the globe and have raised over $20 million to date.
Increase the number of new users in their target demographic
Enter new geographical markets
They had targeted 22 countries in their medium term plans in which they wanted to acquire new customers. These countries were: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and the United States.
In January 2017, AdQuantum started working with Joom. Initially, only the Russian market was targeted. This allowed AdQuantum to better understand Joom’s business model.
Paid user acquisition was initially based on a CPI model. As the partnership flourished in multiple GEOs, we progressed to a CPO model, which focused even more on revenue acquisition for the client.
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