ROAS 243%
During the first 4 months of collaboration AdQuantum generated ROAS 243% in purchase optimisation campaigns for Shadow Fight 3 from Unity.
We recommended AdQuantum managed UA services to Nekki based on the slow-rolling in-house expertise and difficulties in testing new channels. The initial tests showed promise to continue the work on the Unity Ads channel.
— Vladislav Onopko, Client Partner, Game Services at Unity
We started our collaboration with AdQuantum about 8 months ago. At first we didn’t expect to achieve great results with them and even stopped the collaboration, but it was our mistake! Because after some time we analyzed the results and were impressed with them. They exceeded all our expectations so we confidently relaunched this partnership without any doubts. One of the key things that has led us to success is their huge interest and understanding of our product, and creative solutions which should work. Their professionalism and personalized approach to clients helped us to grow up new UA channels to Nekki, so we hope that our cooperation with AdQuantum will bring many more “wow” moments as we continue working together.
— Alexandr Lubchenko, Chief Marketing Officer, Nekki
User Base
Shadow Fight game series combine the simplicity and mass-appeal of today’s casual games with the game depth of hardcore arcade games like Mortal Kombat or Tekken, strictly corresponding to the motto “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master”.

Shadow Fight 3 is the only game in its genre to place a strong emphasis on an RPG-style character development system. The version of the game that was just released only contains two chapters of the complete story, but you will already have endless possibilities to customize and specialize your character
Target specific geographic locations
Increase the number of new users
Increase the number of paying users
30d ROAS > 100%
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