Love Sick
x5 Revenue
Being a part of SWAG Masha's UA strategy AdQuantum started working with small volumes and improved our results, achieving 6x more paying users per month compared to January 2020 and generated 5 times more revenue. Initially we acquired 7.5x new users, successfully increasing the number of paying users every month from traffic acquired by AdQuantum.
registered players
Love Sick is an interactive story game, where a player has the ability to make choices that can drastically alter the story.

MY.GAMES consolidated SWAG MASHA, the studio behind popular mobile title Love Sick: Interactive Stories. With more than three million registered players around the world, Love Sick is the first game of the Belarus-based studio. SWAG MASHA has been working with MY.GAMES since July 2018, turning them from a three-man team to a fully-fledged studio.
Increase the number of new users, reaching the KPI
Target specific geographic locations with relevant audience
AdQuantum started driving traffic for Love Sick in July 2019 with the limited budget. First tests were run to discover the initial performance benchmarks and define the best performing creative approaches. From March 2020 the marketing budget became unlimited. The KPI was set on predicted ROAS.
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