ROAS 30d 160% on 6 ad sources
AdQuantum managed to keep the 30D ROAS above 160% for each of client`s projects, driving traffic from 6 different ad sources. Each game was sustained at this ROAS for at least 4 months.
1,600,000 installs
for 6 apps in 4 months
About client
User Base
Target specific geographic locations
Keep the ROAS on high rates
Increase the number of paying users
Produce hundreds of different creatives
AdQuantum started driving traffic for client`s projects with comission-based model in April 2019. First tests were run to discover the initial performance benchmarks and define the best performing creative approaches.
1. We tested dozens of different approaches, and produced 600+ new creatives
2. We started with our standard creative approach in combination with our client's suggestions and requests. After a few tests, we soon discovered our best performing approaches for our target audience — short videos and attractive static pictures.
3. After determining our best performing creative approaches, we started optimising and driving large volumes of traffic in our target locations.
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