Westland Survival
100,000 purchases
During the first 7 months of collaboration, AdQuantum generated 100,000 purchases from acquired traffic for Westland Survival from 4 traffic sources.
We started our collaboration with AdQuantum about 7 months ago. The most valuable point of this cooperation for us is their proactive approach. They proved to be really enterprising and easy to communicate with. They never hesitated to speak openly about problems in our product they have noticed and suggest multiple solutions. We highly appreciate this partnership because AdQuantum has always been coming up with up-to-date ideas and fresh decisions.
— Pavel Naumenko, CEO Helio Games
Westland Survival is a Western-themed mobile survival MMORPG, in which you can explore the life of a Lone Star ranger and fight robbers, trade with American Natives, set traps and duel in a Mexican standoff! The game is developed by Helio Games.
Target specific geographic locations
Increase the number of new users
Increase the number of paying users
Produce hundreds of different creatives
Helio Games approached AdQuantum on a recommendation from Unity, with a request to run ad campaigns on this source. AdQuantum started driving traffic for Westland Survival with a CPA model in June 2020. First tests were run to discover the initial performance benchmarks and define the best performing creative approaches.
1. We tested dozens of different approaches, and produced 350+ new creatives. Most of them were amazing 3D videos.
2. After determining our best performing creative approaches, we started optimising and driving large volumes of traffic in our target locations.
3. This experience allowed us to set up targeting more efficiently.
4. In December 2020, AdQuantum proposed to apply a coefficient to bids based on ROAS results. The client tested this model with our agency for the US region. Helio Games was pleased with the results and adopted this model for all advertising partners.

The developers were worried about ROAS, but did not want to switch to the ROAS model. Using the model we proposed, Helio Games' partners became motivated to drive high-quality traffic, since with a high ROAS there is an opportunity to significantly increase the payout. And if a partner acquires low-quality traffic with low ROAS, the cost paid to the partner is reduced proportionally.
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