Hustle Castle
Paying users x7.5
Since launching with AdQuantum the game Hustle Castle has significantly increased the number of paying users by 7.5 on traffic acquired by AQ
AdQuantum has proven to be exceptionally proficient in driving large volumes of high-quality traffic and paying users with a high retention rate to our apps. They have demonstrated strong and
efficient capabilities in the fields of UA and marketing assets design. The partnership with AdQuantum has been very effective and profitable"
— Yana Morozova, Media Buying Director Mail.Ru Group
monthly active users
best sellers on Google Play
role-playing on App Store
playerbase are creating exciting personal digital services for people who crave the smoothest, most enjoyable experience in communication and entertainment. publishes online PC and mobile games, as well as such services as myMail, the mobile e-mail client, and Maps. Me, the crowdsourced map service. Their strong belief that
communication and entertainment are among a person’s most basic needs determines our approach: we use our experience and passion to help people get what they need much easier and faster, all in one place – simply go to Hustle Castle has garnered quite a reputation since it came out in November 2017.
It takes gameplay elements from several other popular games such as Fallout Shelter, and Clash of Clans, among others, and adds its unique spin to create an entirely new product. The result is a game that requires castle management combined with real-time battles, that allow the use of skills with the use of on-screen buttons.
Target specific geographic locations* and increase the volume of quality traffic
Maximize the number of paying users and revenue earning potential
Increase brand awareness
*Tier 1 and tier 2 countries
We started driving worldwide traffic with the CPA model and a limited budget with the client in February 2018.
First tests were run to discover the initial performance and define the target GEOs.
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