During the first 4 months of collaboration, AdQuantum generated 200,000 new users for OctaFX, who deposited a total of $1,500,000 into their accounts.
We started cooperating with AdQuantum about 8 months ago. During this period of time they have shown all their skills and expertise. Quite fast they started to acquire large volumes of traffic which was the key point to us.

They quickly proved to be a team of professionals: they were immediately reacting to all our inquiries and also were proactive.

Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of creatives they are able to produce. We have never seen this fast work.

We really appreciate our collaboration, as AdQuantum is definitely the best UA agency we have ever worked with.
— Rikhard Shmidt, OctaFX
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Target specific geographic locations
Increase the number of new depositing users
Produce hundreds of different creatives
1. OctaFX contacted us with a request to expand paid UA, since their in-house UA was unable to grow in traffic volume without a significant drop in performance.
2. For the first 2 months, AdQuantum had been pursuing the goal of finding a performing creative and an approach to media buying that would suit AQ and the client. In UA, there are 2 main approaches: to reduce the cost of acquiring users or to look for users with higher LTV. In the course of close work with the client, we came to the conclusion: buying cheaper traffic using LTV is a bad option in this case. The developer carefully modifies and maintains their product, so the user's life cycle was six months or more. Based on this, users with low LTV and ARPU (even if they were cheap to attract) would have a negative impact on the final profitability of the product.
3. In the third month, AdQuantum experts identified profitable connections consisting of audiences built on the highest paying users and creatives.
4. OctaFX worked on increasing LTV: after many A / B tests, it was concluded that increasing the minimum deposit amount would have a positive effect, attracting only the most interested users. This decision led to a significant increase in the value of each first deposit and, subsequently, to a significant increase in the ROI from acquired users.
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