A lot of brands now are interested in investing money in TikTok ads. We work on TikTok with several clients in different industries and they are seeing success on this platform. Therefore, we decided it would be useful for other marketers to obtain tips on TikTok ads production that we have gained during our work with this social media. Out of this article ways to: - recruit an influencer for a native ad integration; - avoid typical mistakes; - create a performing native ad creative for TikTok.
Valeriya Philippova, AdQuantum’s business development manager will be happy to schedule a meeting with you during the Globalize conference.
TheWebAppMarket, a globally trusted rating and reviews platform, unveils TheWebAppMarket Verified Profile of AdQuantum for its achievements in mobile marketing.
AdQuantum started acquiring users to Fitingo in August 2019 using the CPA model of collaboration. During 9 months of driving traffic, we have achieved significant results.
During the first 4 months of collaboration 200,000 of new users deposited a total of $1,500,000 into their accounts in OctaFX.
Only during the first 4 months of cooperation AdQuantum managed to reach these numbers. Shadow Fight is a series of games combining casual genre with hardcore arcade — in the finest tradition of Mortal Kombat or Tekken. This is the only game in its genre with a strong emphasis on an RPG-style character development system. 
For a long time we at AdQuantum had been using Facebook automated rules to keep track of our multiple marketing campaigns. But we were constantly looking for new options to improve efficiency. The path was not easy, but for sure our experience would be useful for mobile marketers, so we can no longer be silent :)
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