Only during the first 4 months of cooperation AdQuantum managed to reach these numbers. Shadow Fight is a series of games combining casual genre with hardcore arcade — in the finest tradition of Mortal Kombat or Tekken. This is the only game in its genre with a strong emphasis on an RPG-style character development system. 
For a long time we at AdQuantum had been using Facebook automated rules to keep track of our multiple marketing campaigns. But we were constantly looking for new options to improve efficiency. The path was not easy, but for sure our experience would be useful for mobile marketers, so we can no longer be silent :)
AdQuantum is an expert performance marketing agency focused on driving new revenue for your apps. With over 6 years of experience, we have successfully executed over $200M in media spend with strict ROI benchmarks. We are in constant search for new methods to help your business scale as much and as quickly as you need.
A wide variety of clients come to performance marketing agencies. Some of them prepare accurately calculated metrics, clear expectations and a well-defined budget. Others have not yet determined their marketing goals. In the face of this uncertainty, they often confuse effective marketing with brand marketing. In this article AdQuantum’s experts analyse similarities and differences of both these marketing directions and explain why there is no need to choose between them.
Analysing mobile app marketing campaign data is a complex process. One wrong number leads to misinterpretation of the entire campaign. A set of issues arises in this context: how to receive quality data to analyse? How to make the analytics process as transparent as possible? How to properly measure campaign or app issues by metrics? We, the mobile performance marketers at AdQuantum, are ready to answer these questions.
Only during the first 3 months after the start of cooperation, AppQuantum generated $4,500,000 in revenue for the Gold and Goblins mobile game developed by a Canadian studio Redcell Games. 
One more successful case study in our portfolio! Doorman Story: Hotel Tycoon is a casual time-management simulation game where your aim is to transform your business from a tiny roadside motel into a great luxury hotel.
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