Check out our latest case study, AdQuantum x ExpertOption, where we achieved over 90,000 first-time deposits by boosting conversion rates and reducing CPA.
In the new exclusive feature on, Ivan Razmakhov, the Creative Production Director at AdQuantum, unveils insider secrets on crafting creative ad strategies for mobile games. Discover how to customize ad formats for different game genres and appeal to specific player desires for maximum impact.
We have exciting news – AdQuantum is hosting our very first business breakfast in Cyprus, Limassol on March 29th! Joining forces with industry experts from Snap Inc., Google, Adjust, INCYMO.AI, and AppQuantum, we're gathering to kick-start our day productively by exploring the trends in UA, creative strategy, and automation for 2024.
Get ready for a game-changer from AdQuantum Design! We're excited to share our latest breakthrough case study: Creative Packs for Skylore. Dive in to discover the magic behind the scenes!
AdQuatnum's User Acquisition Group Head, Anton Kuzmin, has shared his predictions for the mobile app and game market in 2024. Dive in to explore them.
We're excited to showcase one of our latest successes: the collaboration between AdQuantum and Warspear Online. This case study reveals how we achieved a remarkable milestone of 27,000 'Level 5 Achievement' events for Warspear Online.
Exciting release from AdQuantum Design! We're delighted to unveil our latest case study on Creative Packs for the Warspear Online game.
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