Already tomorrow, September 15th AppsFlyer hosts the MAMA Cyprus (Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics) conference by AppsFlyer in Limassol! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to Konstantin KONSTANTINOV discussing ad creative analytics. Also, meet AdQuantum’s Business Development manager Nadia Bogdanova. Drop her a line to meet with her at the spot. Save your seat online or in person to get the most insightful information and obtain solid connections.
Another episode of our YouTube mobile marketing series went live! In this one, we explain how to produce TikTok native ads properly and what they would bring to you in terms of your product’s performance.
We at AdQuantum Design have been testing and using Unreal Engine 4 for designing mobile ad creatives for over a year. Now we are ready to share our discoveries, life hacks, and tricks for working with this tool with you.
Quite often app developers and publishers launch paid user acquisition for their products, hoping for the best. But it’s not that simple, not at all.
We are pleased to announce that AdQuantum’s Art Director, Konstantin KONSTANTINOV will hold a talk at WN Events Cyprus’22 on September 8th, 14:00. Get your ticket for online or offline participation if you haven’t done it yet, and grab the chance to find out about our tips and insights on ad creative production for mobile games.
In the exclusive interview for Business of Apps, AdQuantum’s CEO, Igor Zavaruev talks about the past and future of the mobile market, shares his experience of working in Africa, and sleeping on the table in a mountain village.
Another edition of our Home Fitness for Weight Loss case study. Now we’re diving deeper into our SKAN user acquisition strategy.
Within the event, Anton Kuzmin from AdQuantum, Natalie Rozenblat from Phiture, and Olga Noha from SplitMetrics are going to discuss how to prepare your UA strategy for the holiday season.
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