In a brand new article on HackerNoon, AdQuantum’s CEO Nikita Skryabin breaks down the must-knows of scaling, highlights those easy-to-miss slip-ups, and shares some handy tricks developed at AdQuantum to help your campaigns really take off.
It’s an honor to have a member of our team recognized among such exceptional adtech trailblazers.
AdQuantum is excited to announce that we've been shortlisted for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards by Masterclassing in the category of Most Effective App Install Campaign for the Home Fitness for Weight Loss app campaign where we generated x40 subscriptions in 6 months using SKAN and web-to-app strategies.
AdQuantum is thrilled to officially introduce our newest offering – the Creative Pack, crafted by our passionate production powerhouse, AdQuantum Design. As your go-to outsourced creative team, AdQuantum Design goes above and beyond our core performance marketing services to conjure up captivating creatives that don't just supercharge performance but also magnetize valuable paying users!
Less than a month remains until our Creative Production Director, Ivan Razmakhov, speaks at MAMA Georgia by AppsFlyer! Ivan, along with Karen Cohen from AppsFlyer and Polina Zamedianskaya from Nexters, will discuss strategies for overcoming challenges in analyzing creative performance data.
In a world buzzing with talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s surprising how many app marketers are missing out on the true potential of AI tools.
Big News! AdQuantum & Apptica have teamed up to bring you a new course: Unlocking the Next Level: UA Insights to take your mobile app to the top. 3 lectures, over 1 hour of content, and over 20 metrics analyzed!
Exciting news! AdQuantum won the "Best Overall Mobile Marketing Company" award at the MarTech Breakthrough Awards 2023.
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