AdQuantum started acquiring users for Radish in a commission-based model from November 2019, and has already achieved excellent results. Radish was ranked #1 in the book category on the US Google Play Store and #2 on the US App Store.
It has been 8 months since the beginning of the global pandemic and we can see that the conditions for attracting traffic have changed dramatically. In this article, AdQuantum’s Heads of User Acquisition and Sales have written from their perspective about peculiar properties of work on the mobile ad market under lockdown conditions.
Let’s start by framing a typical example: You have your app and you want to find a marketing agency. An agency that takes on all of your ideas and objectives for your app while letting you breathe freely and focus on other key areas. You start researching these company lists and… wow, there really are a lot of agencies with similar-looking approaches. What’s the deal here?
What is the scope of factors playing a role in the decision of choosing the proper marketing partner for your mobile app? We’ve prepared an extended article elaborating on this complicated and yet crucial subject, for any app-based business looking to scale its operation beyond in-house resources capacity.
AdQuantum listed amongst the top app marketing agencies by MobileAppDaily, the largest tech-based media portal for mobile app industry updates.
We are happy to share the awesome result we have achieved together with the Dragon Champions game.
This year Digital ad spending became bigger than Traditional ad spending in the US for the first time. From now on the gap between Digital and Traditional advertising will only grow.
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