George Dobson, our Business Development Manager will be glad to meet with you in person at PGC London 2022 on February 14-15. 
During 15 months, AdQuantum generated 86,000 trial subscriptions and over 70,000 purchases for the Pathephone mobile app. 
A little more than a week left until 2022. Now seems the best time for sharing what we have achieved during this year and what we are planning on achieving in the coming year.
In this case study, we share how thanks to myTarget we managed to gain 80,000 app installs in a month with mobile video ads.
In this case we are telling you how thanks to AppLovin AdQuantum managed to gain ROAS of 142.6% on the Gold and Goblins mobile game and +500,000 installs in Tier-1 countries of the Lumber Inc mobile game.
“A good ad creative” — what exactly does that look like? There is no set answer for this, it’s always different. After all, “good” is a very subjective definition. How to make sure that your understanding of good matches with your potential audience’s one? For example, you can do so with ad creative testing. In this article, experts from the performance marketing agency AdQuantum show you how to get ready for this testing (not to be confused with A/B testing), how to conduct it efficiently and use the testing results correctly.
Recently, MobileAppDaily ranked AdQuantum in its report titled “Top 50+ Mobile App Marketing Agencies”. Let’s have a look at this blog to know why!
A lot of brands now are interested in investing money in TikTok ads. We work on TikTok with several clients in different industries and they are seeing success on this platform. Therefore, we decided it would be useful for other marketers to obtain tips on TikTok ads production that we have gained during our work with this social media. Out of this article ways to: - recruit an influencer for a native ad integration; - avoid typical mistakes; - create a performing native ad creative for TikTok.
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