AdQuantum is the Best Overall Mobile Marketing Company 2023

1 September 2023

Exciting news! AdQuantum won the "Best Overall Mobile Marketing Company" award at the MarTech Breakthrough Awards 2023. We want to thank our fantastic team and clients for their strong support during this journey. Let's keep pushing the limits of mobile marketing together! 

Check out the complete list of 2023 winners: https://martechbreakthrough.com/2023-winners/ 

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We’re super excited to announce that AdQuantum has won the App Growth Award in the category of Paid Social App Campaign — Fitness app. We are beyond happy and honored to be recognized by App Promotion Summit!
“A good ad creative” — what exactly does that look like? There is no set answer for this, it’s always different. After all, “good” is a very subjective definition. How to make sure that your understanding of good matches with your potential audience’s one? For example, you can do so with ad creative testing. In this article, experts from the performance marketing agency AdQuantum show you how to get ready for this testing (not to be confused with A/B testing), how to conduct it efficiently and use the testing results correctly.
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