AdQuantum made Radish a top app in both app stores’ book categories

17 November 2020

AdQuantum started driving traffic for our client Radish with a commission-based model in November 2019, and from that moment has achieved excellent results. Radish was ranked #1 in the book category in the US on Google Playand #2 on the US App Store. 

Speaking of statistics, from November 2019 to April 2020, AdQuantum produced about 400+ new creatives. 10 senior UA managers have been working on user acquisition for the app. Within 6 months Radish had reached about 400,000 installs and 325,000 non-unique purchases from traffic acquired by AQ. 

Radish is an exciting mobile fiction platform for serialized storytelling. Its wide variety of stories are published and read in bite-sized installments optimized for smartphone readers. It’s the literary equivalent of addictive TV shows, right on your phone!

You can find out more from our brand new use case in the Clients & Cases section.

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