How to replace Facebook automated rules and increase ad spend 5 times a day

9 June 2021

For a long time we at AdQuantum had been using Facebook automated rules to keep track of our multiple marketing campaigns. But we were constantly looking for new options to improve efficiency. The path was not easy, but for sure our experience would be useful for mobile marketers, so we can no longer be silent :)

And then we found RevealBot

RevealBot has become the discovery of 2020. We started with Snapchat auto-rules and immediately saw a decrease in CPA due to 24/7 control and reduced test budgets.

Then we connected RevealBot to our Facebook clients as well. The result is: 30 of our buyers began to spend much less time monitoring campaigns and scaling. 

We have a fairly specific purchase on Facebook through scaling through the number of assets, so RevealBot helps us control up to 10 thousand assets per day per one client.

We duplicate our campaigns to a large extent, so UA managers simply would not have enough time around the clock to control the number of campaigns that fall into KPIs. RevealBot is also in charge of this for us. Since we drive traffic to 20+ advertising accounts for 1 client, it is important that all media buyers on projects are aware of the top creatives. Therefore, we use Top creatives and Top audience to compare assets with each other in terms of their effectiveness.


  • 5Х increase in daily ad spend; 
  • 30% less time spent on managing ad campaigns; 
  • 10,000 assets duplicated per day for one client; 
  • new auto-rule strategies can now be created in just 2 clicks; 
  • we have created templates for different KPIs. They are turned on with the launch of new client, and then begin to be calibrated for each business individually. 

Do you have a mobile app? Perhaps we have something to talk about.

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