AdQuantum Acknowledged as a Top App Marketing Agency by MobileAppDaily

25 March 2020

At AdQuantum we aim to grow the audience and revenue of our client’s mobile applications. We are an expert marketing team of 25 media buyers and more than 85 designers with a great amount of experience to generate premium traffic in various verticles like gaming, fitness, wellness, e-commerce, and many more. 

We have been driving premium traffic from 17 sources worldwide and have been serving since 2016. We at AdQuantum have so far generated $100M on ROI-positive user acquisition.

We are glad to announce that our team of UA managers, creative designers, attentive account and project managers have helped us achieve recognition by MobileAppDaily as one of the top app marketing agencies in their exclusive annual report.

Why MobileAppDaily Chose AdQuantum?

MobileAppDaily is all about mobile applications and covers all the latest updates revolving around the app industry, tech enthusiasts heavily rely on this leading media portal to know about any new advancements related to Android and iOS mobile applications. 

Besides, MobileAppDaily publishes in-depth mobile app reviews, innovative app walkthroughs videos, candid interviews of CEOs and founders of leading organizations, detailed and descriptive annual reports, and so forth.

MobileAppDaily follows a set of norms while writing their extensively well-researched reports and we at AdQuantum have successfully been able to excel on these set parameters:

We are proud of this recognition by MobileAppDaily and that we are able to share this stage with other esteemed leaders and organizations. We will always ensure that we are able to serve our clients with the same zeal. Below is a snapshot of us on MobileAppDaily’s portal: 

At AdQuantum, our primary aim is to surpass our customers’ expectations and execute strategies that have the potential to acquire top quality traffic. In case you want to know more about what we do, you can always reach out to our experts and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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