What you should expect from mobile marketing in 2022: predictions from AdQuantum

18 May 2022

First of all, we expect that the data privacy trend that took its beginning in 2021 will go on in 2022. Data attribution will continue moving away from precise toward probabilistic. The main focus will be on better metrics prediction. Economic models, A/B testing, and first-party data gathering will help to gain the most accurate possible attribution. Also, the concept of Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) might come in handy in the post IDFA reality. This is a tool that gives us a user-level understanding of data without actual user-level access to it. 


According to different sources, the percentage of ATT opt-in now varies between 30% and 40%. To increase this percentage, mobile marketers and developers should work on customization and clarifying to users why it’s important to consent. 

Web-to-app campaigns

iOS 14 pushed the market to bypass the limitations that the SKAdNetwork framework puts on marketers. One of these solutions is web-to-app campaigns. The mechanic implies that a user clicks on an ad and gets forwarded to a special landing page. Then he goes to the App Store and installs an app. The data about user behavior can be used for UA campaign optimization. This model allows you to see real-time performance data right in your Ads Manager.

NFT and Metaverse

In the era of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency assets, we cannot ignore the metaverse and the non-fungible tokens phenomenon spreading around the globe. In 2022, we expect a large number of both gaming and non-gaming titles based on NFT technology. Simply put, this will allow its holders to officially own some content exclusively and receive tokens in return. This can later be used for stock or NFT marketplace trading. There are arguments among experts if this is a really ground-breaking thing that will freshen up the gaming process or just marketing. Only time will tell. 

M-commerce / grocery & food delivery

During the lockdown, most people started to actively use food delivery services. As a result, these two app categories turned out to be the fastest-growing in 2020-21. This user experience influenced the entire post-lockdown life. An increasing number of people prefer to buy products online rather than visit physical stores. In particular, this provoked the opening of a huge variety of new delivery services. Curious to see how the food/grocery delivery segment behaves in 2022.

Therefore, we are expecting that mobile marketers should learn how to promote mobile games built with blockchain technologies and master their skills in marketing for food delivery apps.

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