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We should be working together

AdQuantum has full cycle performance marketing

  • Creatives
  • User
  • Web & App

Two ways to cooperate

Commission on Ad Spend Profit Share Terms

Profit share - for selected, qualified brands

  • — your profit before collaboration with AdQuantum
  • — 50% of profit from paid UA goes to you
  • — 50% of profit from paid UA goes to AdQuantum

Key benefits of Profit Share terms:

  • It's a risk-free partnership - we fully cover the ad spend
  • We offer only to split the Profit (50/50) earned by our efforts.
    The Profit from organic traffic and in-house efforts remains yours
  • Extensive data we've gained from running User Acquisition for top 100 products enables us to introduce best practices into your web flow
  • Free, unlimited creatives
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Commission - we take a commission on the total advertising spend


Key benefits of a Commission model:

  • Decrease cost per action = or < than in-house
  • Run ROAS-positive campaigns
  • Increase web conversion (we advise on changes to onboarding, payment gates, etc.)
  • Free, unlimited creatives
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