Our Mission

To surpass our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke services for acquiring top quality traffic and paying users to mobile apps leveraging profit-share models of cooperation, with NO FEES and NO RISK for our clients.

Who we are

AdQuantum is an expert mobile marketing team of 25 media buyers and more than 85 designers with extensive experience acquiring premium quality traffic in a variety of fields (gaming, e-commerce, fitness-wellness, finance, travel, etc).
AdQuantum works for a share of revenue it generates, without any fees. We ONLY get revenue when our partners get revenue. We work by CPI, CPA, Revenue-share and safe LTV Profit-share models of cooperation.
Safe LTV Profit-share means that we cover all the marketing spend (including all creative marketing asset production) and our clients simply pay us a share of the profit we generate for them.
We started in 2016 and by April 2019 we have managed the media spend of $100M on ROI-positive user acquisition. We recently generated $6.6M in additional monthly revenue from a monthly investment of just $2.2M for just one of our clients.

The way we live

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