Mission Statement

At AdQuantum, our mission is to be the ultimate strategic marketing partner for successful businesses in the Web & App industry.

We are dedicated to solving any business challenge and achieving your goals through our deep expertise and innovative solutions. Our team is equipped to scale your business in any market around the world, supporting your attainment through tailored strategies and cutting-edge technologies.

Together, we drive growth and turn your vision into reality

Who we are

AdQuantum is an expert mobile marketing team of 30 media buyers and more than 300 designers with extensive experience acquiring premium quality traffic in a variety of fields (Gaming, E-commerce, Health & Fitness, Finance, Travel, etc).
AdQuantum aligns its objectives with clients by working in deep collaboration models. We are only profitable when we can provide profitable traffic to clients at scale. This gives us the incentive to get things right and gives our clients peace of mind that we are working towards their interests.
It also allows us to work with models such as Revenue Share, deepening the ties in the collaboration and relieving clients of financial constraints on our campaigns. We offer these models to clients after spending some time together.
When we truly understand the product’s economics, we can unlock the full potential of revenue share to scale campaigns with full potential. We started in 2015 and by January 2022 we have managed the media spend of $400M on ROI-positive user acquisition.


We have assembled a friendly team of UA managers from across the industry, creative designers, attentive account and project managers. We strive to see and squeeze to the max the potential in each one of our employees, supporting them grow, and helping them help us grow. We also appreciate in our future colleagues their previous industry knowledge, their new and different approaches to work and, last but definitely not least, the constant desire to make a profit!
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Comfortable and stylish offices in Limassol and Dubai
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