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AdQuantum is a performance marketing agency specializing in acquiring additional revenue to digital projects. We work across all categories and apply our market experience to test multiple hypotheses and scale top performing approaches.

  • Capacity to produce up to 300 new static & videos ads per project each week
  • Tailored work models to align our work with your goals and objectives
  • Scaling in line with KPIs that deliver results
Fuel Your Growth!

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Performance marketing at AdQuantum

AdQuantum runs digital marketing campaigns with the objective to drive revenue to products & services. Our focus is on engagement and optimizing campaigns to bring new paying users at scale.
This is done by producing creatives, testing formulated hypotheses, ads which we understand will convert well from clicks to purchases, testing these ideas and scaling the ROI positive ad spend. If your product is ready to scale, AdQuantum provides scale.

Work models

Commission on ad spend

Projected LTV Revenue Share

Cost per Action

Projected LTV Profit Share

All models include

A full UA team for your project (UA managers, designers, project managers, account managers)

Creative production

UA testing


What we do

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Dragon Champions
27,000 paying users
AdQuantum generated 27,000 paying users for Dragon Champions game from October 2019 to April 2020
Evil Clicker
AdQuantum generated $3,000,000 in net revenue for Idle Evil Clicker game during the first 6 months of collaboration.
Hustle Castle
Paying users x 7.5
Since launching with AdQuantum the game Hustle Castle has significantly increased the number of paying users by 7.5 on traffic acquired by AQ
Delivery Club
23,000 first orders
AdQuantum generated 23,000 first orders for the food-delivery app Delivery Club during the 6 months of collaboration beating the target by 24%
Revenue x 5
For Joom, AQ's traffic increased revenue x5 with a Revenue Share model
Age of Magic
From September 2018 to January 2019, Age of Magic was generating $15,000 of revenue a day from traffic acquired by AdQuantum
Easy Ten
Trial subscriptions x 9
Since launching with AdQuantum the language-learning app Easy Ten has boosted the number of trial subscriptions over 9x

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